The Captain’s Log

The Captain’s Log – 4 November 2014

This week we have been blessed with a glorious week of sunshine in the Whitsundays and some very mild winds, which has created some excellent snorkelling conditions. We have visited a few locations this week, Langford Reef, Bali Hai, Caves Cove and Blue Pearl Bay.

The Captain’s Log – 28 October 2014

It's been a crazy week in the Whitsundays for the tallship Derwent Hunter, with a whole variety of fun things going on! We've sailed with Ulysses bikies, swum with turtles, had a Master Mariner on board, and a got caught up in a bit of Instagram madness...

The Captain’s Log – 21 October 2014

This week has been another beautiful one in the Whitsundays. The weather is really warming up, and the days are getting longer. We can't wait for summer! After a busy school holidays, we took a few days off and gave the old girl a little bit of TLC. She's 68 years old you know! She was built in 1946 in Tasmania. We're very proud of her original condition, and this means she requires a little bit of love now and again, a bit of spit and polish, to keep her looking her best. We're back in the water this week, ready to take visitors to our region on an adventure through the islands.

The Captain’s Log – 14 October 2014

We've had another wonderful week in the Whitsundays, with weather to match. We excitedly got into our piratey best on the weekend with the news that Pirates of the Caribbean is likely to be filming the fifth movie in the series in the region next year. We also had a special guest on board this week. We can't say who or why at this point, just that he may or may not run a rather famous vet surgery in a beachside Sydney suburb... We can't show you any pictures or video just yet, but stay tuned, we will show them as soon as we have permission.

The Captain’s Log – 30 September 2014

This week was all about the kids, with school holidays in full force in the Whitsundays. Children of all ages got to snorkel with turtles, help raise the sails and dress up as pirates and take over the ship. As well as being a lot of fun, we received some beautiful comments in the Ships' Log.

The Captain’s Log – 23 September 2014

The Whitsundays just keeps putting on a show! This week we were blessed with stronger winds, which made for some fabulous sailing. The turtles are still about in droves, and we've had some great, fun groups on board, including a private charter for a local gal's 40th birthday and a full compliment of cruise ship passengers.

The Captain’s Log – 16 September 2014

This week has been epic! We were treated to an underwater tour by one of the locals - a turtle! The whales were putting on a show as they head back south. And we spotted a 16ft hammer head shark whilst underway (not in the snorkelling area thank goodness!) With crystal clear waters, a bit of wind and brilliant blue skies, this week was perfection.

The Captain’s Log – 7 September 2014

It's been a fantastic week to be out and about on the water, hasn't it? The skies have been clear and the waters calm. It's made for excellent snorkelling with great visibility, and our visits to the beach on Langford Island have been particularly enjoyable. This week we were graced with some exceptional wildlife encounters. There have been turtles galore, and on Monday we had both pilot whales and humpback whales swimming alongside the boat.